Five best cs:go knives (March 2017)

Five best cs:go knives (Feb. 2017)

Five best cs:go knives

Looking for some good change for your CS:GO gaming experience? We have listed some of the best cs:go knife skins to look for. These knives are expensive on market, so be careful! How to change skins, how to open cases and guide to keys can be readed from our other post here. For case openings we recommend you to visit for website case opening access.

Karambit | Doppler

Best CS:GO Kinves 2017One of the most expensives knives on market currently, going almost 400$ per skin. This knife is a holy glory for a cs:go skin collection.

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StatTrakā„¢ Bayonet | Slaughter

StatTrakā„¢ Bayonet | SlaughterWith it’s red blade it looks like a real master skin for cs:go knife collection. This knife also tracks confirmed kills.

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Flip Knife | Slaughter

Flip Knife SlaughterFlip knife animation gives a real nice effect for play.

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Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT

Cheap cs:go knife 2017One of the cheapest knives for cs:go gaming to have, but still this goes on market really well.

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Bayonet | Forest DDPAT

Cheap cs:go knife 2017This knife goes under 100$ on market, bayonets really nice WWII look and digital disruptive pattern.
If you are looking for cheap knife for cs:go, this is the one to go with.

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