CS:GO Ranks Gamer’s Guide (March 2017)

CS:GO Ranks guide

CS:GO Ranks explained

Counter-Strike Global Offensive ranks

Global Elite

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Ranks are difficulty to understand at first when playing the game. We have made a list of ranks to explain what different ranks mean. To increase your game rank you must get the most MVP-s on game.
When your friends have too high or too low rank compared to your’s then you can’t play competitive match until you got five players or more closer rank to each other.

When i get ranked?

Ranks are graded to players with more than 10 competitive games. Competitive games are 5 players versus 5 players. You can find on the game menu when finding games.

What is MVP?

MVP mean Most Valuable Player on game, you can get more MVP stars when defusing, planting or getting most kills on round.

CS:GO Rank expiring

Counter-Strike Global Offensive ranks can be expired due to inactivity for more than two weeks.

How to rank up fast?

Invite four friends with higher ranks and plant/defuse many bombs or rescue many hostage to get more MVPS-s, ofcourse your team must get the most wins.

How to check my rankCS:GO Ranks

Run CS:GO and check from the first screen left side below your name is the rank.


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Counter-Strike Global Offensive rank comparison table

Best rank is “Global Elite” and the lowest rank is “Silver 1”
This comparsion table if from highest rank to lowest.

Global EliteCounter-Strike Global Offensive ranks
Supreme Master First ClassSupreme Master First Class
Legendary Eagle MasterLegendary Eagle Master
Legendary EagleLegendary Eagle
Distinguished Master GuardianDistinguished Master Guardian
Master Guardian EliteMaster Guardian Elite
Master Guardian IIMaster Guardian II
Master Guardian IMaster Guardian I
Gold Nova MasterGold Nova Master
Gold Nova IIIGold Nova III
Gold Nova IIGold Nova II
Gold Nova IGold Nova I
Silver Elite MasterSilver Elite Master
Silver EliteSilver Elite
Silver IVSilver IV
Silver IIISilver III
Silver IISilver II
Silver ISilver I

What is Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

Multiplayer first-person shooter developed by by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. Game is available on Steam.

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