CS:GO Config, Tricks and guide

CS:GO FPS config guide

CS:GO FPS config tricksCS:GO config tips guide

If you are having some fps issues with counter-strike global offensive we success some command line parameters for better. These command may not give you significalty boost but you should give it a try!

cl_forcepreload 1” – Will preload maps so your CPU dosen’t need to do it on fly.

muzzleflash_light 0” – Will turn off muzzle flash when firing with weapons, lower end computer may have some fps drops if this is on.

For prelaunch options it is recommended to use:CS:GO Guide

-nod3d9ex” – This will disable windows aero, for lowers computers it will give some boost.

-high” – This will set your game on high priority in windows.

-lv” – Removes ragdolls, will give some boost for fps.

-threads 4” – Will give some fps boost, telling the source engine to work with four threads. Only available on multicore setups.

How to see my FPS on game?

There are many softwares on market to display fps like Fraps, MSI Afterburner and so on, ofcourse there’s in -game option for display fps, just type in your console: “net_graph 2

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CS:GO Sensitivity settings

We recommend you to set to your autoexec.cfg file some settings we use.

m_rawinput “1”                              – Raw Input on
m_customaccel “0”                       – Mouse Acceleration off
m_customaccel_exponent “0”  – Acceleration Amount
m_mousespeed “0”                      – Windows mouse acceleration off
m_mouseaccel1 “0”                     – Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement)
m_mouseaccel2 “0”                     – Windows mouse acceleration secondary threshold (4x movement)